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Antique Spurs

We have a large collection of antique spurs from many parts of the world. Early spurs dating from about 100 BC, up to the 20thC including fine South American silver spurs and European and English military spurs. Over 100 different spurs are on show in the Horse Museum Tuxford.

Moroccan Spur 19thC.

Moroccan Spur 19thC
Moroccan Spur

An antique sput from Morocco. This style is typical of the spurs from this region. This one is a late 19thC one. They look horrendous but I understand they were used sideways against teh horse's side. If you stuck this into the horse it would do a lot of damage! However many of these do have a disc between the heel and the stem of the spur which some say is to keep teh blood off the rider's foot! I am not sure if this is a fact! The spur is made of iron and would have been held on with a leather or cloth strap. Many of the Moroccan spurs were decorated with cloth straps embroidered with silver thread to match that of the saddle cloth and bridle parts.

Early decorated spur probably Roman.

Early Decorated spur probably Roman.

Unusual small decorated bronze spur probably Roman. These early spurs were very small and were held around the ankle with a cord, probably of leather. This spur having the extra nobbles for decoration is a little unusual. We have a number of Roman and Celtic spurs of the very small type on show in the Museum of the Horse.

Roman bronze Spur

Roman Bronze spur

This is a fine Roman bronze spur of unusual design. The short arms and stumpy point of the spur are very typical of the Roman spur.The pierced decoration is more unusual. Bronze, an alloy of copper tin and lead is very resilliant to corrosion and develops interesting patina ( surface colouring ) according to its burial or atmospheric surroundings. This spur has interesting green and brown patination.