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Museum of the horse now has a facebook page!

I hope to be able to publish the blogs from my Museum of the Horse webiste on my new facebook page. All very complicated for someone of my advanced years! 

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The Horse Museum's website is taking shape

At last I am getting the hang of this web site. It has been driving me to distraction and still is in some parts but i am gradually beginning to be able to add items to it. I hope to be able to add details of one of the items in the museum collection on a regular basis. There are so many interesting pieces and so many stories to tell connected with horses and their influence on all our lives even if you don't realise the influences they have had. i would prefer you come to see them for yourselves but I realise for some that will not be possible. i would therefore like to be able to give a small taste of the collection of fascinating antique horse items we have on show. I have added a couple of pieces tonight but still cannot add new sections! So frustrating! 

Remember we are open from 10am till 4pm Monday to Saturday so do come and see us!

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Museum of The Horse Tuxford's other award.

I have just realised I have not mentioned the Museum Of The Horse's first award. The reason being that I have been struggling to use this web site! At last I think I have learnt to use the blog! 

The Museum's first  award was from The Club International D'Eperonnerie who's web site can be seen at . Some of the members and committee visited the Museum of The Horse in March and awarded it honourary membership of the club. This is quite an accolade because the members are amongst the foremost authorites on the subject of equestrian antiques and antiquities in the world. We are very proud to have been given this honour.

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Museum of the Horse Tuxford Wins Heritage Award

We were absolutely thrilled to win one of the Nottinghmashire Heritage Awards at the annual awards ceremony last week. The museum has only been open for just over a month and the judges were very generous in their comments about it. One said he was 'Bowled over by the content' and they said it was very professionally presented too which we took as a great compliment! It really is tending to appeal as much to non horse people as to horse enthusiasts. Many have said that it reflects our social history and has made them think about things that had never occurred to them.

Do please come and see it! You will not be disappointed!

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Museum of the Horse Tuxford first visitors

Well, we have already had our first paying visitors to the museum, in fact visitors every day since we opened. The weather has been sunny so they have been able to finish their visit with a coffee in the courtyard in the sun.


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