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Museum of the Horse events.

South American Spurs stirrups and bridles
South American Spurs stirrups and bridles

This year we have been so busy construcitng the museum that we have no immediate events planned. We do however intend to put on an exhibition next year entitled 'The Horse in World War I'. If anyone has any photographs we might borrow to scan (it only takes five minutes to scan them) we are able to enlarge them and they help to tell the story of the horrors the horses went through. We would also like to create a data base for posterity. If you have any relevant items you might wish to lend to the exhibition we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please do give me a ring on 01 777 838 234 and ask for Sally.

Museum Now Open

Tuesday 10th June 2014

The Museum of The Horse opened to the public on June 10th 2014. It is a permanent collection which will be open daily Monday to Saturday throughout the year with the exception of bank holidays and Christmas and Easter.

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