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What will you see?

You do not have to have an interest in horses to enjoy this museum. While everything is connected in some way with horses it also reflects the social history of our ancestors. It tells many stories. Did you know it was because of horses that rails were invented;  that horses were later used to pull the first passenger wagons that subsequently ran on the rails that had been designed to make the horse's life easier.

The early growth of the industrial revolution depended greatly on horses and ponies, both to create power with the first engines and to haul coal from the pits and stone from the quarries. The realities of life in the pits is spelt out and is topical for this area of Nottinghamshire which was highly dependant on the pits at one time. The nitty gritty of travelling is revealed and the amazing side effects of some of the inventions. Interestingly horses were involved in the invention of cine film and there is now a leading Hollywood film director whose ancestor is represented in the museum, having been Knighted for his services to horse breeding after the Boer war.

Do come and learn of so many interesting facts. How relevant so many are to the way you live today.

If you are a serious horse person you will be amazed at the things you will see!

The museum is laid out partially by date and partially by subject. There are well over 1000 objects on show and all are well labelled. 

You will always find a warm welcome from our friendly family of staff and if you would like a guided tour this can be arranged. Please contact us for details.